Light shaping in a Clic; Atmospheric lighting with Christopher Fernandez

Do you like to break the rules of flash photography? Portrait photographer Christopher Fernandez certainly does. On his quest to create unique lighting patterns, he explored various concepts using the Profoto A2 in combination with the new Clic Barndoor, Clic Snoot and Clic OCF Adapter II.

Photographer: Christopher Fernandez

BTS Photographer and Videographer: Ciara Flint

Lighting Assistant: Andy Hennessey

Models: Water shot - Judith Odwar

Silhouette shot - Ciara Flint

Mid-Portrait - Nicole Anderson


Profoto A2 Introduction with Chris Fain

Small, lightweight, and portable, the new A2 turns every location into a set. It is the size of a soda can, which means you can put it in your pocket and head out on shoots, whenever, wherever. The A2 emanates light that enhances any natural light setting, making it a perfect solo companion and a great complement to your existing light setup. Pack light, head out, and capture beyond any doubt!


More than meets the eye with Trupal Pandya and the Profoto A2

Many of us have dreamt of traveling to the places portrait and documentary photographer Trupal Pandya has been. He’s explored many different parts of the world, sometimes miles away from civilization. Follow Trupal Pandya as he embarks along the towering volcanoes of Guatemala, making impactful connections and beautiful portraits with the light and portable Profoto A2.

A film by Trupal Pandya & Angella Irwin Written and narrated by Max Stossel