Spikat: Reklamfritt Facebook & Instagram kostar nu pengar

Från och med november kommer Facebook och Instagram ta betalt för sina tjänster av de som inte vill dela med sig av sin användardata.

För en månad sedan skrev Kamera & Bild om Metas planer på att ta betalt för använda Facebook eller Instagram – utan att du delar med dig av dina data. Nu har Meta beslutat att "Erbjuda prenumeration utan reklam i Europa", enligt sitt pressmeddelande.

Genom en månadsprenumeration får man använda de två plattformarna utan reklam för 120–150 kronor beroende på plattform, exempelvis 9,99 euro per månad för desktop eller 12,99 euro per månad för Ios och Android – alltså mobilversionerna.

Fram till 1 mars 2024 omfattar prenumerationen alla de kopplade konton som finns hos en användare i dess Kontocenter. Från  mars 2024 och framåt tillkommer en extra avgift på 6 euro per månad för desktop och 8 euro per månad för Ios och Android för varje ytterligare konto som finns angivet hos en användare i sitt Kontocenter.

Press release: Facebook and Instagram to Offer Subscription for No Ads in Europe

  • Meta will offer people in the EU, EEA and Switzerland the choice to pay a monthly subscription to use Facebook and Instagram without any ads. They can alternatively continue to use these services for free while seeing ads that are relevant to them.
  • We believe in a free, ad-supported internet – and will continue to offer people free access to our personalised products and services regardless of income.
  • Whether people choose to use our products for free with ads or subscribe to stop seeing ads, we are committed to keeping people’s information private and secure, under our own policies as well as the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

October 30, 2023

To comply with evolving European regulations, we are introducing a new subscription option in the EU, EEA and Switzerland. In November, we will be offering people who use Facebook or Instagram and reside in these regions the choice to continue using these personalised services for free with ads, or subscribe to stop seeing ads. While people are subscribed, their information will not be used for ads. 

People in these countries will be able to subscribe for a fee to use our products without ads. Depending on where you purchase it will cost €9.99/month on the web or €12.99/month on iOS and Android. Regardless of where you purchase, the subscription will apply to all linked Facebook and Instagram accounts in a user’s Accounts Center. As is the case for many online subscriptions, the iOS and Android pricing take into account the fees that Apple and Google charge through respective purchasing policies. Until March 1, 2024, the initial subscription covers all linked accounts in a user’s Accounts Center. However, beginning March 1, 2024, an additional fee of €6/month on the web and €8/month on iOS and Android will apply for each additional account listed in a user’s Account Center.

Why Are We Doing This?

We believe in an ad-supported internet, which gives people access to personalised products and services regardless of their economic status. It also allows small businesses to reach potential customers, grow their business and create new markets, driving growth in the European economy. And like other companies we’ll continue to advocate for an ad-supported internet, even with our new subscription offering in the EU, EEA and Switzerland. But we respect the spirit and purpose of these evolving European regulations, and are committed to complying with them. 

We announced in August our intention to move people in the EU, EEA and Switzerland to the GDPR legal basis of “Consent” for the purpose of processing data collected on our own platforms for advertising purposes. We made that change to address a number of evolving and emerging regulatory requirements in the region. This includes how our lead data protection regulator in the EU, the Irish Data Protection Commission, is interpreting GDPR following a recent ruling by the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) and anticipating the entry into force of the Digital Markets Act (DMA).

The option for people to purchase a subscription for no ads balances the requirements of European regulators while giving users choice and allowing Meta to continue serving all people in the EU, EEA and Switzerland. In its ruling, the CJEU expressly recognised that a subscription model, like the one we are announcing, is a valid form of consent for an ads funded service. 

If you choose to continue to use our products for free, your experience will stay the same – and that experience will continue to be supported by the tools and settings that we have created to empower people to control their ads experience. These include Ad Preferences, which offers a range of controls that enable you to influence the ads you see as well as the data used to inform these ads, including activity information from ad partners. We also have tools in our product that explain “Why am I seeing this ad?”, as well as how people can manage their ad experience

Meanwhile, advertisers will be able to continue running personalised advertising campaigns in Europe to reach those who choose to continue to receive a free, ad-supported online service. Going forward, we will continue to invest to build new tools that preserve the value that both people and businesses get out of personalised advertising, while allowing users to control their ads experience on our platforms. The subscription for no ads will be available for people aged 18 and up, and we’re continuing to explore how to provide teens with a useful and responsible ad experience given this evolving regulatory landscape.

This new subscription model has been factored into our most recently announced business outlook and guidance. This post contains forward-looking statements, including about Meta’s business outlook and the evolving regulatory landscape. You should not rely on these statements as predictions of future events. Additional information regarding potential risks and uncertainties about our business and financial results can be found in our most recent Form 10-Q. Meta undertakes no obligation to update these statements as a result of new information or future events.

Avgifterna för en reklamfri upplevelse tas ut för de som inte är villig att låta Meta samla in ditt beteende och dina reklam- och surfaktiviteter som används för att skapa riktade annonser. Godkänner man Metas datainsamling för att kunna visa relevanta annonser och samla in din personliga data kan man fortsatt använda Facebook och Instagram utan att betala.

Avgifterna är Metas svar på de EU-regler som EU-domstolen lagt fram där man krävde att Meta stoppade sin datainsamling om användarna med kombinerade data från externa webbplatser – något som ses som ett integritetsproblem.