Snart kan du skapa egna rutnät och hjälplinjer i Sonys kameror

Med en kommande uppdatering för Sonys Alpha-kameror blir det möjligt att skapa hjälp- och stödlinjer samt egendefinierad maskning med transparens hos både skärm- och sökarbilden.

Sony kommer ge användare av exempelvis A7 IV och ytterligare flera kameror möjligheten att skapa sina egna stödlinjer för både skärm och sökare, utöver de som redan finns inbyggda.

Totalt kan man skapa fyra olika versioner som man kan växla mellan, med möjligheten att både justera färger på linjerna och använda olika inställningar för genomskinlighet, vilket gör att man också kan skapa en mask för att enklare se bildresultatet.

Funktionen gör att den egenskapade och valda maskningen även kan visas i HDMI-signalen. Enligt Sony är inte funktionen till för alla, utan främst för exempelvis de som ägnar sig åt kommersiell- eller skolfotografering eller områden där det är viktigt med samma inställningar, avstånd och förhållanden.

Funktionen kommer att finnas tillgänglig att köpa som en licens för 150 dollar (exakt svenskt pris finns ännu ej) från mars 2024. En licens per kamera krävs.

Press release: Sony Electronics Announces Custom Gridline License Available for Alpha Camera

BodiesVarious camera bodies starting with the Alpha 7 IV, etc.

SAN DIEGO – Nov. 28, 2023. Today, Sony Electronics announces a new custom gridline license planned for the Alpha 7 IV[1] in March 2024 onward, and more camera bodies[2] in the future.

The new license offers the ability to import up to 4 customized original gridlines. The gridlines can be displayed on EVF (electronic viewfinder) and LCD (Monitor on the rear of the camera) when shooting which makes for easier, more consistent images. For example, staff at schools, photo studios, theme parks, cruise ships, malls, etc. will now have the ability to update their cameras with ease and utilize this tool for quick and precise, more professional shots. Imported customized gridlines are replaceable and color gridlines are available. Once gridlines are registered, it can be displayed with HDMI output as well. After shooting, users can check the images with the grid lines overlayed on EVF and LCD.

"The ability to import customized gridlines into a mirrorless camera is an essential feature for all of our photographers to capture images consistently," says Frank Lombardo, National Photography Manager for Inter-State Studio and Publishing. “These simple gridlines keep head sizes the same for all our products and improve our production time. They also allow us to know where the edge of print will be during capture."

"With a focus to improve both the consistency and quality of school photography, this advancement is a great foundation to a platform geared for volume photographers across the globe. Sony's commitment to continually innovate along with their unparalleled support aligns perfectly with Strawbridge Studio's, Inc. mission to provide the best picture day experience for schools across the country," says Nic Davidson, Director of Photography of Strawbridge Studios, Inc.

"Sony's commitment and support for this industry is unprecedented, from their support in student photography across the US to their training of future photographers and videographers and now, developing a camera system that will radically change the volume photography space for years to come," says David Crandall, the Executive Director of School Photographers of America (SPOA).

"Now anyone can make a pattern, import it, then change and improve it to their liking. The possibilities are endless - simply rotate the four favorite patterns you need for the job at hand. Sony gives us real practical solutions, allowing the School, Sports and Volume Photography industry to produce better, more accurate compositions. The ability to import any four graphics, then scroll between them makes our jobs easier and results better than ever before," says John Rak, member of the School Photographers Association of California (SPAC).

Not only can this be utilized as gridlines, they can also be used as partially filled transparency masks. In addition to school and sports photography, Sony has positioned this to be used for businesses such as cruise lines, theme parks, nature photography, ID photography, dentistry, and CG photography. Sony hopes that this custom gridline feature will help improve the creativity and work efficiency of photographers in a variety of industries.

The license will be available at a suggested retail price of $149 USD through the Upgrade and License Management Suite at https://ulms.sony.net as of Spring 2024.

[1] A license must be downloaded from Sony’s camera upgrade website: pro.sony/ue_US/digital-imaging/custom-gridline and installed in the camera.

[2] Future compatible models will be announced through the web site below: https://pro.sony/en_ME/digital-imaging/