Hasselblad XCD 25mm f/2,5 V – vidaste objektivet i V-serien

Hasselblad släpper nu ett vidvinkelobjektiv dedikerat för nattfoto och porträtt i svagt ljus.

Hasselblad XCD 25mm f/2,5 V går även under benämningen XCD 2,5/25V, och är det vidvinkligaste V-objektivet hittills. Brännvidden motsvarar 20mm i småbildsformat. Den kompakta designen gör att objektivet väger 592 gram trots den stora bländaröppningen.

Objektivet är uppbyggt av 13 linselement i tio grupper, med fyra asfäriska linselement och tre ED-linselement. Autofokusen justeras av en linjär stegmotor i en mindre linsgrupp, vilket ger fördelar med den fasdetekterande AF-tekniken om man använder en X2D 100C eller 907X & CFV 100C-kamera.

Närgränsen är 0,25 meter och objektivet stödjer upplösning på 100 megapixel och ned till 1/4000s i slutartid. Objektivet är 105 mm långt, och filterstorleken 72 mm. Objektivet passar X2D 100C, X1D II 50C, X1D-50c 907X&CFV 100C, 907X & CFV II 50C.

Exakt svenskt pris finns ännu inte tillgängligt, men är satt till 4 199 euro, motsvarande runt 52 000 kronor.


The XCD 2,5/25V is the widest-angle lens in the Hasselblad XCD Versatile (V) series lenses. It has a 20mm full-frame equivalent focal length and a maximum aperture of f/2,5. With its expansive view and large aperture, the XCD 2,5/25V was designed for turning nocturnal cityscapes, starry skies, and indoor portraits into extraordinary captures. Its wide-angle focal length encompasses a wealth of scenic elements, providing photographers with ample space and composition. The f/2,5 large aperture, coupled with its excellent optical performance, ensures rich highlights and shadows are captured within every frame, even at dusk or after dark. The XCD 2,5/25V features an optical structure of thirteen elements in ten groups, including four aspherical elements and three ED elements, meeting the high-resolution requirements of 100-megapixel sensors. This ensures images are sharp and crisp from the centre to the edges while effectively suppressing chromatic dispersion. The optical quality of the lens is also showcased by its robust close-up capabilities. With a 25cm minimum focusing distance and 1:5:8 magnification, its large aperture accentuates close ups, enhancing the expressiveness of subjects like gourmet dishes and flowers.As part of the Hasselblad XCD V lens series, the design of the XCD 2,5/25V is known for integrating user-friendly functionality with elegance, in both its aesthetics and control. Enhancing the elegance is an engraved “V" insignia on the lens, with the "H" logo engraved on both the focus and control rings.With a gentle push- pull of the focus ring, photographers can quickly switch between AF and MF modes. In MF mode, intuitive scale marks on the lens keep focus distance and depth of field at a clear glance, enabling precise focus control. Functions such as aperture, shutter speed, ISO, and exposure compensation can be customised on the control ring, serving as an extension of the camera, allowing users to capture the perfect moment with ease. The XCD 2,5/25V is equipped with a linear stepping motor and a smaller, lighter focusing lens group, providing a quick and responsive focusing experience when paired with Hasselblad X or V system cameras that support PDAF. The lens adopts a large-diameter leaf shutter module with a shutter speed of up to 1/4000s. This enables both global shutter and flash synchronisation at all speeds. The XCD 2,5/25V lens is priced at $3,699 USD / 4,199 EUR and is available to purchase online and at selected retail stores worldwide. For more information about the XCD 2,5/25V, visit www.hasselblad.com.