Wacom Movink – ritplatta på 420 gram & först med OLED-teknik

Wacom släpper en ny kategori ritplattor med OLED-teknik, vilket gör enheten både kompakt, lätt och ljusstark.

Wacom Movink är namnet på en ny produktserie ritplattor från Wacom, med främsta nyheten att den använder sig av OLED-teknik för skärmen. I och med detta kan både vikten minskas, liksom designen och kompaktheten hos enheten.

Wacom Movink väger 420 gram och är på 13,3 tum. Panelen som är skapad av Samsung ger upplösning i full-HD med 10-bitars färg och ett kontrastförhållande på 100 000:1, vilket också ger helt svart färg i de mörka områdena då varje pixel kan släckas helt.

Färgrymden är specificerad till 100 procent av DCI-P3, 95 procent Adobe RGB och ska visa färger så exakt som delta 2 eller mindre. Movink är också validerad av Pantone och Pantone Skintone och kalibrerad i fabriken med möjlighet till hårdvarukalibrering med Wacom Color Manager.

Genom sin lätta vikt och platta utförande är tanken från Wacoms håll också att enheten ska vara lätt att ha med sig, något som passar kreatörer som reser eller arbetar på olika platser. Storleken är 319.5 x 205,2 x 4 ~6,6 mm på enheten och den aktiva ritytan är 294 x 165 mm. Trycket avläses på 8192 nivåer och upplösningen för pennans rörelser är 5080 lpi.

Wacom Movink är kompatibel med MacOS, Windows, Android och ChromeOS.

Introducing Wacom Movink: The first OLED pen display developed and designed for creative professionals and the thinnest and lightest Wacom pen display ever

Wacom leaps into the next generation of display technology with the launch of a ground-breaking new product category. Wacom Movink unites the art of drawing and inking with moving and portability by combining a professional pen experience with a brilliant 13.3” inch, full HD OLED display in a super slim, ultra-light, highly versatile, sturdy device without compromising on performance, precision and software preferences.

Tokyo, Japan, Portland, Oregon and Düsseldorf, Germany – 24 April 2024 – Wacom, the leading innovator of digital pen and ink solutions, today announced the launch of Wacom Movink, the first OLED pen display designed and developed to meet the needs of creative professionals, digital artists and design students.


Wacom Movink is a radically new product category that combines the professional pen experience of the Wacom Pro Pen 3 with a brilliant 13.3” inch full HD OLED display in a super slim, ultra-light, highly versatile, portable device at a competitive price. Because it works with most operating systems, users have access to their full software suite without compromising on performance, precision and preferred operating system.


Wacom's thinnest and lightest pen display

Wacom Movink is the perfect device for creative professionals looking to extend their existing studio set up with a compact, portable solution that enables seamless transitions between various locations such as the studio, client meetings, university, home or any other space in between where all-in-one solutions may lack the necessary software and computing power to support professional workflows.


Weighing only 420g and measuring a mere 4mm at its thinnest point, Wacom Movink sets a new standard as the thinnest and lightest Wacom pen display to date and many all-in-one devices currently on the market. For comparison, it is an impressive 66% thinner and 55% lighter than the similar-sized Wacom One 13 touch. The robust Corning Gorilla Glass and durable magnesium alloy body make Wacom Movink is a sturdy device that easily fits into any bag.


Deeper blacks, higher contrast and vibrant colours with OLED

Wacom Movink is also an ideal opportunity for students and freelancers seeking to upgrade their creative tools to a professional level display and pen performance. The 13.3" Samsung OLED display delivers a Full HD resolution with 10-bit color, a contrast ratio of 100,000:1 and perfect black point thanks to the exceptional qualities of OLED technology. Creators can expect rich, deep blacks and exceptional color accuracy, optimized to offer 100% DCI-P3 and 95% Adobe RGB coverage, with a Delta E difference of 2 or less. Wacom Movink is validated by Pantone® and Pantone® SkinTone™, factory calibrated to industry standards and stores up to 2 custom colour profiles. For colour critical workflows it can also be hardware calibrated with Wacom Colour Manager.




Ultimate Wacom pen on screen experience

OLED technology not only enhances the visual experience, it also takes the pen on screen experience to the next level. Leveraging the unique attributes of OLED displays, Wacom Movink achieves the fastest response time of any Wacom pen along with increased pen detection height and no visible parallax. Moreover, working on an OLED display creates no ripple or light leakage. It is also much cooler and quieter as it emits no excess heat or noise from ventilation.


Wacom Movink comes with a dedicated version of the Wacom Pro Pen 3* specially designed for use with Wacom Movink. The slim pen offers Wacom’s best pen on screen experience on the same level as the latest Cintiq Pro line, with impressive pen sensitivity and tilt detection for a wide range of artistic expressions, from powerful brushstrokes to delicate lines. The refined design features a slim pen tip and narrow carbon shaft nib providing enhanced visibility and reduced obstruction. The Wacom Pro Pen 3 packed with Wacom Movink is an exclusive model featuring a nib remover and three replacement nibs located in a dedicated holder within the pen, ensuring that any nib emergencies are swiftly resolved.

*Please note that utilizing customizable parts of the Wacom Pro Pen 3 requires owning or purchasing a Wacom Pro Pen 3 separately.


“Wacom Movink is a first of its kind OLED pen display, designed to open up new possibilities for creative users. It is a great, competitively priced upgrade for many existing setups,” says Koji Yano, Senior Vice President for the Branded Business Unit at Wacom. “Market Data shows that 1 in 3 digital creatives use more than one creative pen device. They are also increasingly looking for portable solutions that deliver the same experience as their studio or desktop solutions. With Wacom Movink we can offer them the perfect solution that takes them wherever they need to be without compromising on performance, precision or experience. This quality could only be achieved with the cutting-edge OLED technology developed and provided by Samsung Display.”


"Wacom's Movink is expected to be the optimal product for professional creators who want to continue their creative endeavors outside of the studio," said James CHO, Head of Marketing for Small and Medium-Sized Display Division at Samsung Display. "Wacom has partnered with Samsung Display, the world leader in OLED technology, to meet professionals' expectations for the highest image quality, and we are proud to be part of their journey of OLED innovation."


Enhancing versatility and compatibility through Wacom dual pen technology

Wacom Movink is specially designed and optimized for the Wacom Pro Pen 3 technology. It is also the first professional creative pen display to incorporate Wacom's Dual Pen Technology, which supports a wide range of digital pens. This includes compatibility with older generations of Wacom Pro Pens, as well as the Wacom UD pens offered by the new Wacom One family and digital stationery partners like Staedtler, Lamy, Dr. Grip and others. Wacom Movink also supports all Samsung digital pens – all for added choice and smooth transition between devices.


Wacom Movink is compatible with Windows, macOS, ChromeOS, and Android operating systems. It connects through a single USB-C cable and if the devices support power delivery of 15W or more, no additional cables, adapters or power supply are required. The advanced touch technology allows for smooth, intuitive input while two customizable touch keys in the slimmest bezel in any Wacom pen display can be assigned to shortcuts and other functions that will reduce clutter, support workflows and increase efficiency. Wacom Movink is also fully supported by Wacom Bridge, an innovative solution that radically improves working on supported remote desktop connections.


Prices, accessories and availability

Wacom Movink 13 is very competitively priced at 849.90 EUR and 729.99 GBP respectively and will be sold exclusively through the Wacom eStore and selected resellers for enterprise and education customers starting today.* Design studios, Art Departments, schools and other B2B contacts can reach out to the Wacom Enterprise specialists for dedicated solutions.


The separately available Wacom Foldable Stand with its light but sturdy aluminum structure offers 6-point support for a comfortable 20 degree working angle and is easy to pack, carry and use. Additional accessories like the Wacom Movink Tablet Sleeve and the Wacom Rollup Case for storing your Wacom Pro Pen 3 are part of an all-in-one accessory package. A HDMI converter for Wacom Movink will be available at a later date.**


For more information and the full technical specifications, please visit wacom.com